December 20, 2019, Middle School

On Wednesday, the Middle School took a trip to Nature’s Nursery in Whitehouse. The hope is that this will become a monthly or semi-monthly trip to learn how to care for the living things around us and foster stewardship of our ecosystem. Primarily, we will be focusing on the “feeder creatures”, including cockroaches, mealworms, crickets, and small rodents.

We are also finishing our Ecology unit. It has been a long haul, filled with information that simultaneously inspired disgust in humankind and hope for the future.

As we head into Winter Break, saying goodbye to 2019, we are also finishing our Cycle of Study on Interdependence. We are not leaving the concept behind, however. We will take the idea into the next unit of study: Power and Influence.

In addition to our Fall Mantra, “New Experiences” (said with a bright smile), we will be adding the phrase, “Everyone does better when everyone does better.” This is an effort to combine the things we have discussed during our first two cycles: Communication and Interdependence.

We are enthusiastic about the new year. 2020 is going to provide us with a clarity of vision heretofore unseen.