December 2, 2022, Upper West


This week we jumped back into our studies for our Math and Language units. Students work with Montessori Materials such as the Large Bead Frame and Peg Board. Three different colors are featured on the Peg Board- green for units, blue for tens, and red for hundreds. Students lay out the pegs to visually represent a number problem, such as 241*2. Their answers are represented by the number of pegs (counted by1’s, 10’s, 100’s) on the board. This is the first step this fall; by the winter, students will be able to perform these problems abstractly. Many 5th and 6th years are doing this work, so feel free to ask them to show you how! We are also working on grammar and sentence structures. Students are learning to predicate nouns, adjectives, compound subjects, and verbs. They are completing these activities to help them retain information while constructing their written works. Our Fourth Year students learned about adverbs of degree.