December 2, 2022, EC West


This week we introduced the Geometric cabinet in sensory to help further identify and explore two-dimensional shapes. Using their tactile senses, students feel and match different varieties of pressure. The triangle box was also introduced in our sensory unit. In practical life, students had the opportunity to polish our large mirror in the classroom. This multistep process expands on our care of the environment and strengthens students’ gross motor skills. Students wrote on a mirror for our pre-writing activity to provide a reflective fine motor experience. Our first lesson with our beautiful bell table was demonstrated using the first bell.

As the holidays approach us, we will explore and learn about the culture and traditions surrounding the holidays. This week we learned about Hanukah, introduced the Menorah, the dreidel game, and books, and created the Star of David artwork. Students designed and brought home curriculum night invitations this week; we hope to see you there!