December 18, 2020, Lower South

Though the Winter holidays are quickly approaching, the students in both Lower Elementary classrooms have continued working hard. The children have been exploring many of the new units out on the shelves. Many of the new works consist of dinosaur research for History, verb baskets for Grammar, and new leaf work for Botany. The children have also started Writer’s Workshop. They have been introduced to small moment stories so far. Throughout the first unit of Writer’s Workshop students will use their writing skills to create writings of their own personal small moments.

Even though we were unable to have a Winter party, we still had tons of holiday spirit flow throughout the classroom! The children really enjoyed working on holiday themed activities throughout the week. They also had fun creating their own holiday crafts from making reindeer clips to stringing cheerios onto yarn for birds and other animals in nature to enjoy. We hope you have a blessed and safe Winter Break! Happy Holidays and see you all in 2021!