December 17, 2021, Lower South

This week has been a busy one for sure! Though winter break begins next week, the students were still introduced to a couple new units. This allowed for the children to not only be excited about the holidays, but also continue their excitement of learning new things. For the math unit, students made the transition from gaining knowledge about money to now learning about time. Within this unit, younger students work on reading a clock to the hour, half hour, and quarter hour. Older students practice reading a clock to five minute intervals and work on story problems related to time.

Aside from time, the students have been presented with a new geography unit. This unit pertains to biomes. With the biome unit students will discover the different climate zones along with the many types of biomes. These biomes including, desert, temperate forest, tundra, grassland, and so on. This unit is a popular one for most children at the lower elementary level and provides them with the opportunity to explore the world around them evenmore!

We wish you all a blessed and joyful winter break! See you again in 2022!