December 16, 2022 Lower North

We are closing the 2022 school year studying the Months of the Year in LS and the Days of the Week in LN. In these units the students will learn, practice and review the order and the origin of these subjects. Along with this unit, we always study the month that we are currently in. The students build the calendar including the month, days of the week and the number of days. A book goes along with each month that allows for further research including the holidays or special events that occur within that month.

We have also added singular and plural nouns to our grammar shelf. The lesson demonstrates how singular means one, while more than one or several of one object, means plural. As grammar lessons continue throughout the year, we hope to see these lessons transfer over into their writing in other areas of the classroom, specifically Writers Workshop.
We wish you all a very happy and healthy winter break. We hope you spend it with those you love, doing the things that bring you peace. See you in 2023!