December 16, 2022 EC West

As we continue learning about Holiday customs and traditions, we introduced our Christmas unit this week! Students could retell the story of baby Jesus and set up the nativity scene, and decorate a mini Christmas tree. Other festive works this week included making paper chain decorations, and frosting and decorating a cookie. We demonstrated the special Sensorial Christmas Tree work that uses our red rods and knobbles cylinders to work with a friend to make a tree out of these classic Montessori materials! This the season for giving and the children had a chance to practice their own gift giving. They practicing wrapping and delivering “gifts” to a friend. The gifts were wrapped blocks allowing the friend who received the gift to open and use their imagination on what it was! We created a fun wreath painting in art using the end of a straw. We also added the “snake game” to the math shelf. This work encompasses our colorful bead stair and golden beads to transform and work on the concept of exchanging 10. Our class also enjoyed watching and listening to the Upper and Middle School Band and Informance!