December 15, 2023 EC West


This week we began exploring the Holiday of Christmas. Children had the opportunity to use mini Christmas trees to decorate as well as set up a nativity scene. We read books about Christmas and how different families can celebrate this Holiday in different ways or traditions. We demonstrated our “Sensorial Christmas Tree” work that showcases some classic Montessori materials including the red rods and knobless cylinders used together to design a tree. This special extension is done with a friend. For some festive art, children made paper chains, used a straw to make a wreath, and created a tree out of strips of paper and glue. Our special food preparation work was frosting and decorating a cookie. The children then loved eating their creations! As many of the Holidays reflect the act of giving to others, students had the opportunity to wrap and deliver a gift to a friend. They used wooden blocks to wrap and their own imaginations on what was received! Our class has also been working diligently for the past three weeks on a special gift for their families.