December 13, 2019, Upper West


 This week in Upper Elementary we have been finishing up our focus groups. We are doing well in our discovering America Simulator, and we started poems in writer’s workshop. Well, I hope this sounds interesting!

Starting it off, we are finishing up focus groups. We have only two more sessions until we present our research! I am pretty excited for this. The groups we have are researching Vampires/mythology, The Study of Life on Different Planets, The History of Disney Films, Cars, and Diabetes.

Second of all, we are very deep in our Discovering America Simulation. And when I mean “deep” I mean people are focusing on it so much that they forget it isn’t real. It’s like video games…is that a good thing? Anyway, it involves a lot of math, and calculators. Don’t worry, that’s a good thing!

Last but not least, we started poems in Writer’s Workshop. Today we had a lesson about concrete language. This lesson was fun because we got to eat a grape. The reason for this was, we had to use adjectives to describe the grape. We would do this by using the five main senses to describe it. Sense (ha,ha puns) one of the senses is taste, we got to eat the grape. It was sweet and crunchy.

I hope you remember how we talked about finishing up our focus groups, Discovering America Simulator, and our lesson about poems in Writers Workshop.

Allison Hover

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