December 11, 2020, Lower North

Our first full week of December has us working on a new unit in History.  The students spent several weeks reading and going over the eras on the Time Line of Life.  Now, the focus is on the Mesozoic Era, The Age of the Reptiles.  This unit also coincides with our Zoology unit on Reptiles.  During the Mesozoic Era dinosaurs ruled the Earth, so the new History unit includes many activities on the dinosaurs that roamed the Earth at that time.
Botany also has some new work.  It is a continuation of the leaf shapes and parts of the leaf that the students have already discovered.  Activities will go further into the parts of the leaf by specifying particular veins, margins and shapes.  Some activities will also allow identification of tree names by the leaf shape.

Finally, we have introduced the verb in grammar.  Maria Montessori gave the verb the symbol of a red ball, because the verb gives energy to a sentence, and like a ball it never stays still, it keeps moving.  Younger students will work on identifying verbs, while older students will work on the tenses of the verb: They will learn about verbs.  They learn about verbs.  They learned about verbs.