December 10, 2021, Middle School

This week in the Middle Classroom we have had a quite exciting week so far. All week we have been working at the book fair, running the cash register when we have time. It has been very fun and the whole class gets to do it equally. Running the book fair is particularly helpful with expanding our social and our money counting skills. During music this week we practiced our concert performance and got it ready for recording. We are doing a layered movement with various instruments in the background. As you may know all concerts are completely online this year due to the whole Covid-19 virus spreading around. We recorded the video on Wednesday and it will be up for viewing sometime soon on Seesaw. The music has been very fun and we hope you like our piece! This week in history we have been learning more about WW1. Our lesson on Monday was on the main events of 1910-1918. We learned about how Woodrow Wilson was president at the time and said America was in fact “not involved in the war” but we truly were but said we werent. We also learned about all of the Americanization that occurred throughout the beginning of when we declared war. America needed all the support they could get from the Americans so they changed basic food items names, such as the Hamburger and sauerkraut, the Liberty Burger and the Liberty cabbage.