December 10, 2021, Lower South

We are keeping busy in the Lower Elementary classroom despite the anticipation of our Winter Break.  We continue to study The Fundamental Needs of Humans in History, with the students spending time on reading, and illustrating what they are learning.   We are wrapping up (no pun intended) our study of maps and the cardinal directions this week, the study of time in the Lower North, and money in the Lower South.

We introduced the concept of ABC order on our word study shelf.  Younger students are learning the basics of putting words in ABC order.  While, older students, review this concept and learn how this is important when using a dictionary.  Older students use the dictionary when working on spelling words.
Finally, we would like to thank everyone who participated in the Book Fair.  Students were excited to go shopping and buy items on their own.  As teachers, we are happy to see that our students look forward to buying books and reading them. This colder weather is a good time to wrap up in a blanket and read.
Have a wonderful weekend!