December 10, 2021, EC West

This week, Early Childhood explored the customs and traditions of the holidays of Kwanzaa and Christmas!  Students explored weaving, playing mancala, and creating Kinaras on the art shelf.  Many books were enjoyed as a way to experience different ways families celebrate Kwanzaa.  Our classrooms also learned about the Nativity story, and could re-create a Nativity scene as a work on the shelf.  We also added decorating a Christmas tree in Practical Life!  On the Sensorial shelf, students could combine the beautiful Montessori works of the red rods and colorful knobless cylinders to create a magnificent Sensorial Christmas tree! In science, we explored what happens with peppermint candies and water!  This experiment is also extended with candy canes.  It is always fun to share observations and things we notice during experiments!