August 30, 2019, Middle School

The MSBG Middle School is excited about starting their new journey this year, with a new teacher, a new classroom setup, and a new outlook.

  • Coffee Shop News
    • We are in the process of choosing our supplier, deciding what products will be available, and designing our brand. We hope to have all of this ironed out in the coming week, and be open for business soon!
  • Pet Cloud
    • Our first Science unit is about Weather and Climate. We began by simulating a cloud in a jar of warm water, sealed with ice. We named it Misty. Misty died.
    • We have also been using cloud formations to predict what weather is coming.  During the storms, this was easy.
  • Translating English to English
    • Le Morte D’Arthur is a challenging read, but we used language patterns, a dictionary, and the internet to make it something that we can understand.
    • We started reading Mark Twain’s classic, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, tying literature into our study of Medieval Europe.