August 30, 2019, Lower North

Welcome back to MSBG! We hope you all had a relaxing, fun-filled summer! The students were eager to share their adventures with us.

A lot has been going on in the Lower North classroom. Last week we spent time practicing and reviewing classroom responsibilities and procedures as well as acclimating ourselves to the new room and community. We opened up the geography shelf and are exploring land and water forms as well as labeling the continent maps. In zoology, we are discussing living and non living, and the 5 Kingdoms of Life. We also had a botany lesson and are learning the parts of a tree. Children have been busy reviewing geometric solids, the squaring and cubing chains, numeration and nouns.

This week our classroom has been working towards normalization. The most important thing we, as teachers, can do to get to that point is lead the students to what their responsibilities are and teach many lessons. Lessons that will help them make choices in Math, Language, and Culture.

We have taught many review math lessons. We are teaching students processes with different materials, including the golden beads, the stamp game, the checkerboard, and the bead frame. Most students have been shown a process to practice for the next week or more if needed.

In Language, students have been introduced to the Nursery Rhyme unit and individual spelling work. Each child was shown an activity to help them review and challenge themselves. When giving individual spelling assessments we were pleased to see how some of our returning students grew with their spelling over the summer months.

Here are a few reminders for this new school year.
1. Please remember to supply silverware for your child’s snack or lunch. We are trying to be Earth friendly by reducing waste.

2. Children’s birthdays will be recognized on or near their day of birth. Summer birthdays will be recognized at half year. We will sing to the child and enjoy a treat (optional).

3. If you need to contact us for any reason, please use our classroom e-mail:

Have a great weekend!