August 28, 2020, Lower South

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. We are so happy to see some returning families and to expand our MSBG community with new families. We have enjoyed getting to know your children so far this year and it warms our hearts to see them so excited to be in school. It definitely helps create a positive environment.

Our parent meeting was very short and we want to repeat the importance of communication with all of you throughout these restricted times. Please email us at at any time with questions, concerns or comments. As we stated we are also strategizing, as a school, additional ways to communicate with you. We will take any suggestions you may have.
This week, we have spent a lot of time building our community and laying down the foundation of our classroom and procedures. We are reviewing and practicing the most up to date safety protocols and getting to know each other.  We have begun introducing some of the units and work in the classroom and all academics will continually progress.
We are studying vertebrates and invertebrates for zoology. Lower South has a new four-legged vertebrate, and we are working on finalizing a name for her.  Our first botany study is the parts of a tree.
Many students have taken math and language assessments to help us see what lessons students need to review and/or appropriate placement for work. Many students have enjoyed working with our squaring and cubing chains for math.
Montessori encourages peaceful resolutions and self awareness. We support and practice these skills with our Peace Corner. This is also a place where students can come to be alone and take a break if needed. Please ask your child what they learned about the Peace Corner.
Have a great weekend!