August 28, 2020, EC West


A big, warm welcome back to all of our MSBG families!  Whether you are brand new to our program, or a family who we’ve worked with for years, we are truly grateful to have you at our school.  Orientation week in Early Childhood went very smoothly, especially with all of our new safety procedures.  The children transitioned into the routines of our rooms very nicely.  We like to begin our year with our “Here We are Together” song to learn friends’ names.  We also read several peace books, and even some new books about wearing masks and practicing safe distances!  Children were given lessons on carrying, unrolling and rolling a rug as well as how to properly wash their hands.  We also introduced many works this week, including playdough, pegs, puzzles, the easel, and the book area.  Our Practical Life shelves were full of new work as well, including grasping, pouring 1-1, and spooning 1-1.  These works strengthen hand muscles in preparation for writing as well as provide the child an opportunity to grow his or her concentration, coordination, confidence and sense of order.

On Friday, we enjoyed a special morning time with our Kindergarten students.  It is wonderful to allow them this bonding time and get to know them individually.  As the younger full-day children joined, we demonstrated lunch time, explaining each procedure to a happy healthy lunch!  We then enjoyed our class lunch time and worked on many things to end the day.
A sincere thank you to families for your cooperation and patience with this orientation schedule.  We know it can be an inconvenience, but it is so critical to ensure a strong foundation in our Montessori classrooms.