April 5, 2019, Upper West

On the 1st of April, April Fools, Mr. Dave wrote on our morning schedule that we had to write at least 20 pages on how wonderful our teachers are and there would be no lunch and recess. Then he pulled up the real schedule and said, “April Fools!!!!”       

In my writer’s workshop class we are working on writing a small book with several chapters on a Middle Ages topic we chose. For example, I’m studying Eleanor of Aquitaine, Eleanor is working on the pets of the middle ages, Jane and Jameson are doing the Black Death, and Lila is doing Joan of Arc. 

In Peace Pals on Friday, we chose a place to send flowers, and my group chose to send ours to the Wood County Hospital. We planted our seeds and then we painted the flower pot. I painted a dandelion and our Peace Pal name on it. Soon we will send them to the Wood County Hospital.


The below picture was taken from a geometry lesson on a 12-pointed star that, when extended, forms a dodecagon aperture. The 4th grade students were asked to find the degrees of the external angles (with the help of straws) of the smaller and larger dodecagon, then prove that the whole angle is equal to 360 degrees (12 sides x 30 degrees).