April 5, 2019, Toddler

April showers bring May flowers! Our toddlers are blooming flowers! This year the children have grown not only physically but developmentally as well! Children are mastering many practical life works and are gaining independence taking care of their daily needs! Our toddlers have many jobs within the classroom too; watering plants, washing the tables, laundry duty and feeding the fish.

Our Language work includes reading out loud, retelling familiar stories and learning the sound of the first letter in our names. In the picture above Greta is using the Language “picture to object” matching work. Children are encouraged to unroll their rug and set out their work using the left to right pattern; this is great practice for future reading! Rhyming is another fun tool we use during circle time! Rhyming helps children improve their recall and memorization skills, promotes language development and helps children develop auditory skills such as sound discrimination.

We’re very excited to see all our grandparents next week! There is still time to sign up! The forms are on the bulletin board in the front lobby!