April 30, 2021, Lower South

With the spring weather blossoming and flowers beginning to bloom, the elementary teachers have made the transition from science work to implementing botany work back into the classroom environment. This week, children were introduced to many parts of the flower by presenting a flower dissection at the botany lesson. Some parts of the flower included the corolla, the calyx, the pistil, the pedicel, and many more. Also, children were introduced to a second botany unit. This unit revolves around seeds and the parts of the seed. A few parts of the seed presented to children include the epicotyl, the seed coat, the radicle, and the cotyledon. The students have been very engaged in exploring and digging into learning new things about these aspects of nature throughout this whole week!

In addition, children were presented with a new grammar lesson. Previously, children have been working on adverb activities in the classroom. At the beginning of the week, children were introduced to the following part of speech, the pronoun. With this part of speech, children learn that pronouns have the function of replacing nouns in sentences. With that being said,  Maria Montessori created the symbol for the pronoun to be very similar to the noun symbol by making the pronoun symbol a purple, isosceles triangle. Throughout the week, the students have been exploring the pronoun work on the grammar shelf resulting in children discovering a multitude of pronouns and providing a growth in their language development.

Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!