April 3, 2020, Toddler

Hello toddler families! To say we miss you is an understatement! I hope everyone is healthy, happy and having fun at home! If you haven’t yet, check out ourĀ  Distance Learning site. This site is full of videos, ideas and activities for learning at home. Check out the toddler section; I have made and posted several videos for our toddlers to view at home! Videos include math, line time, color matching work and practical life. There is also a Toddler Discussion Group on the Distance Learning site; a place where we can connect and talk with each other! I enjoyed our recent video chats with our children and families! Watch your email for another invitation to video chat!

The pictures above show some of our recent work. Claire is using a matching work to match shapes and Walter is taking notes in his notebook! Luke is showing us how he concentrates and uses a funnel to pour into!

Wishing everyone all the best! Stay healthy and keep learning.