April 29, 2022, EC East

This week Early Childhood students had another food preparation work; peeling and slicing eggs! The peels were then crushed with a mortar and pestle to add to our school’s compost for the gardens. New math units were shown in each classroom on graphing and addition.

The West classroom also did many practical life works including transferring pins in a shaker and metal polishing. The sit and tilt saucer was a fun, new movement work! For a calming activity, the finger labyrinth was shown in the peace corner.
The East classroom added a new science unit on seasons and weather. Color box 3 was added to the Sensorial shelf and they created a zen garden for a peace activity. Kindergartners were also introduced to the 1,000 roll! A number work that involves writing the numerals 1-1,000 color coded by place value!
Thank you to ALL our families who donated and helped with our GALA themed baskets! We are so excited for this social event and hope to see you all there