April 28, 2023 Upper East

The days have been simultaneously very long and moving very quickly lately. It must be almost May! We have seen awesome homework projects on Onigiri and got a glimpse of a needle felting project in the works. Homework projects are due next week. 
This week students studied levers in Science, apothems in Geometry, multiplying and cubing decimals in Math, plurals in Spelling, and adverbial, adjectival, and nominal usage of phrases. In History, students attacked other colonies to gain needed land and supplies. Tensions were high, and students were challenged to try to survive. All of the grief was to show that life in colonial America was rough. Next week we will debrief and wrap up our simulation. 
Dust off those bikes because on May 25th, Upper is going on our annual bike trip!!!! I’m so excited to be a part of this long-standing tradition. A note will go out tomorrow with more details.