April 26, 2024 EC West

This week we enjoyed all the special adults and Grandparents who came to work with the students! Our hearts were filled watching the love as they shared in their own love of learning! In honor of Earth Day each child planted and will continue to care for grass. We also finger painted an Earth for art. Our science unit was about recycling and reducing waste. We explored what goes to the landfill, recycle bin, or could be composted. We learned about ways to help our Earth like planting a tree, picking up litter, or turning lights and water off when not in use. New practical life works included washing a baby doll which allows a child to remember the washing steps for their own self-care needs. We also used a funnel to pour material from a large opening to a smaller one. In Math, our next unit was graphing. Children learned that graphs tell us information and worked with bar graphs. The sit and rock was our new movement work and we created a Zen Garden for a peaceful reflection and creation.