April 26, 2019, EC East

We hope you had a wonderful long weekend!  To celebrate Earth Day, each child planted his or her own grass to grow in the classroom.  We will tend to it daily and watch as the seeds grow into grass right before our eyes!  The children also celebrated with Earth Day art exploration.

In the East class, measurement was introduced and students measured items all around the classroom.  Inches, centimeters, and feet were explored using hands on materials in a fun and engaging way.  For example, friends could take turns measuring each other with “feet”.  In sensorial, color box 5 was introduced and in science, sink and float experiments.  The West class introduced graphing and extended their learning by documenting graphing experiences.  Graphing colors, animals, and race cars were just a few activities available.  In practical life, straining was demonstrated.  In the peace corner, students could engage with the beautiful sound of the singing bowl.

*We hope to see you all at the Earth Day celebration this Sunday from 2-4 here at MSBG!