April 23, 2021, Lower South


The end of the year is a time to review and bring fruition to much of the work we have done throughout the year.  As teachers we are continuously thinking ahead of what we want our students to remember as they move on.  This week some of our students started reviewing Math processes and all students have started the Animal Stories for Zoology.

The Animal Stories allow students to match pictures and answer riddles for each of the animals.  Students can group the animals into categories of vertebrates and invertebrates.  Vertebrates can be grouped into the five classifications of vertebrates that we have read and learned about all year.  The stories remind the students of the many characteristics of the animals.  Younger students will illustrate and label pictures and older students will write an informative paragraph for an animal of their choosing.  During one lesson given, a student stated, “That’s just like what we are doing in Writer’s Workshop, Informative Writing!”   Yes, it’s all coming together!