April 22, 2022, Lower South

What a busy week it has been!  Along with hosting everyone at curriculum night, and all of our normal lessons, we introduced all three grade levels to a new geography work.  We are starting a new unit on the eastern and southern states.

First year students were introduced to the 25 eastern and southern states with the puzzle map. They will have an opportunity to make a map of their own.  They also have the opportunity to make and recognize the state flags.  And finally, they will do some simple research of one or more of these states.

Second year students will begin doing an in-depth research of one of these states.  After several weeks of research and learning as much as they can about one particular state, we help them write a report on their chosen state.  The final project will then be a poster of the information they found.

Third year students were introduced to the Montessori pin maps.  These beautiful maps literally have pins that are placed in pinholes on the map.  The pins have labels of the states, and important cities.  They also have names of water and landforms that are found in each state.  This work is always very popular with the third year students.