April 21, 2023 Lower South

This week students continued learning about the Western states. On the Geography shelf, first-year students continued exploring the works pertaining to the Western States Unit. The second-year students have taken the knowledge from studying the Geography shelf and are now applying it to their state research projects. Each child has already chosen their state to research and has received lessons about work they will later present to their classmates once their projects are completed. Lastly, the third-year students have been presented with a lesson on the pin maps. These maps are an extension of the Geography unit and allow children to discover state capitals/cities, landforms, water forms, etc., on each western state pin map. 

Aside from the Western States Unit, third-year students learned about latitude and longitude lines at their last Imaginary Island lesson. The Imaginary Island Unit allows students to visualize, draw, and write about a make-believe island. Lessons include learning about landforms, water forms, latitude lines, and longitude lines. They also discussed the equator, the prime meridian, the hemispheres, and how to find the coordinates of different places.

Have a Great Weekend! 

The Lower Team