April 21, 2023 EC East

We began the week with a new Math work – the Estimation Jar. This work allows students to use their understanding of quantity to estimate the number of items in a sealed jar. We count and discover the real number at the end of the week. Using a funnel to transfer one-to-one was added to practical life, continuing to reinforce concentration, coordination, confidence, and independence. We also used scissors to trim our grass – always a favorite work in the classroom! Our new Science unit presented Recycling, exposing students to different ways to reuse material and how we can all be good stewards of our Earth.  Our Earth Day art perfectly rounded out the week, allowing the students to use their fingerprints to paint the world. We hope you can join us on Saturday at MSBG as we celebrate Earth Day!

We also want to send heartfelt congratulations and good luck to our student teacher Miss Gabi! Today is her last day as she prepares for graduation!