April 2, 2021, Upper West

This week in Upper West we had a very fun week. For Physical Education we have been doing lots of jump roping! We started off by practicing jumping in and out of circles, then we did different tricks while jump roping. Today we went outside like we have been but we got to play kickball! In the end we tied 4-4, but in all it was very fun.

One of the lessons the 6th year did was something very cool and gross at the same time. For biology, both classrooms met up and we checked out a pig heart! A pig heart is the second closest thing to a human heart and we’re doing the circulatory system so it was perfect! We looked at the different parts of the heart like the aorta, different valves, and the 4 sections; The left ventricle, the left atrium and vise versa. At the end of the lesson the 6th year all got to touch it and feel it. It was very squishy but it was very informative to have the heart there to physically see the parts! In all it was a great week in Upper West!

-Noah Ellerbrock