April 19, 2024 Upper

Miss Sam is back from maternity leave! The kids, as were the teachers, were very excited to see her again. Last week, BGSU students in the Environmental Studies Department came to teach the class adaptation, nature, and botany lessons. Students learned about native plants and made seed bombs; they learned about birds and pretended to eat using different beak structures; they learned about how seeds hitchhike on different animals; and they used Oreos to talk about the eclipse. It was a fun day! Students went to Wintergarden to test water quality (pH, Alkalinity, Nitrate, Phosphate, etc.), observe frogs, take notes on ecosystems, and enjoy the nice weather! Our tadpoles are doing well, and we’re looking forward to watching the metamorphosis process, which should take place in a few weeks.

Each year, Bowling Green schools and MSBG participate in the BG Women’s Club poetry contest. Members of the Women’s Club judge original works of prose and poetry, and awards are given to first, second, and third place at every grade level. Jasmine and Nora got first prize for fifth and sixth grade this year! Congratulations on your writing, Nora and Jasmine! You can see them receive their award at Bowling Green Library on April 25th at 7:00 pm.

One of the most important topics to help us better understand the world’s diverse people is to study the world’s major religions. In light of this, 6th-year students will complete a research project on a religion of their choosing. Students must choose a religion other than their own. This project aims to learn more about the world’s religions, helping students better understand other cultures and people they encounter daily.  Maria Montessori said that the task of education is to encourage peaceful cooperation and “readiness to shed prejudices.” As a part of our Montessori Peace Education curriculum, 6th years began their religion research today.
Next week is Grandparents and Special Friends Week! This week presents a wonderful opportunity for our students to share their school experiences with their beloved grandparents or special adults, such as aunts, uncles, or family friends. We invite you to sign up for times for your children’s grandparents or special adults to observe and visit with them for an hour. Sign-up sheets are on the bulletin board in the foyer.
It’s time to dust off those bikes because, on May 28th, Upper is going on our annual bike trip! We are looking for one parent chaperone for each grade level. We already have a 6th year chaperone. If any parents from 4th and 5th grade would like to volunteer, please email me. Take a look at the attached document for more details.