April 19, 2024 Lower North

What a beautiful week!  It was nice to see the sunshine despite a little bit of rain.  The school year is coming closer to an end, but we still have some exciting work happening in the classroom.

Students were introduced to a new Geography Unit on the Midwest/Central states. They are learning the flags of these states, doing research, and looking for interesting facts and special features specific to each.  Our second year students will be getting one of these states to begin an in depth research. They have been looking forward to this project and can’t wait to get started.  In a couple weeks, the third year students will be shown the Montessori Pin Maps, focusing on the Midwest/Central states.  The Pin Maps include states, cities, land and water forms, and landmarks.  These maps will prepare them for the Upper Elementary Geography pin maps.


After learning about flowers and seeds, we are now introducing the Botany Plant Stories.  The plant stories give the students information on all plants in the Plant Kingdom.  They are a series of picture cards with matching labels and definitions of stories.  After matching, if the children are interested in learning more, they look for information in books. This is always a favorite at the end of our Botany studies.


Have a great weekend!

The Lower Team