April 19, 2024 EC West

It has been a little over one week since our chicks have been incubated. This week we were able to shine a flashlight on the eggs to see the embryos inside! The children enjoy checking on the eggs daily. Our new science unit focused on food groups and nutrition. We identified nutritious and non-nutritious foods, where they come from, how they grow, the insides and outsides of fruits and vegetables, and what makes up a healthy meal. We also prepared a food lesson on slicing cucumbers! Sensorial extension lessons were demonstrated this week as well, including using the pink cubes and brown prisms together and creating the red rod maze to walk through using our red rods. Our new sensorial unit was using our olfactory sense to smell and match different scents. The SAPP program was this week and next week we are looking forward to hosting special adults and Grandparents!