April 19, 2019, Toddler

Toddler learning includes many activities and works that build language skills! Children are in their sensitive period for language. Many of the Montessori language work builds the child’s vocabulary. Pictured is Kenley sorting “rough” and “smooth” objects. She is using movement as she places the object under the rough or smooth sign. Children in the toddler classroom are read to often. Reading out loud to young children increases their vocabulary and understanding of language patterns.

Practical life skills are an important part of the toddler environment. These skills include “care of self” and “care of the environment”.  Alistair is pictured making a floral arrangement in a wicker basket. Flower arranging helps beautify our classroom, is a creative outlet and aids in building fine motor muscles! Also pictured in this newsletter is Clara using a child sized knife to slice her banana. In our toddler classroom children use real utensils for eating and food preparation.

We want to welcome Luke to our Toddler Community! Luke, we are excited to have you!