April 16, 2021, Lower North,

Welcome back from Spring Break!  It was nice to see so much sunshine which fills us all with energy.  The children shared some fun-filled family activities.  It was nice to hear that they enjoyed their week off.

On Tuesday, Hannah from the Wood County Solid Waste Management District came to our school and talked to us about recycling.  She focused on the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and ended her presentation with a Recycle Right game.  Each student got to choose an item and decide which bin it should go in.  We also did an activity in the classroom in which they had to use clues to figure out which items take the longest time to decompose.  Other activities on the shelf will teach them more about the environment and ways to keep it clean.

Our new continent study in Geography is South America.  We are learning about the countries, flags, animals, and biomes of the continent to our south.  South America not only houses some of the driest areas of the world, but some of the wettest, such as the Amazon Rainforest.  Since a large percentage of South America is rainforest, we also put out work that explores this special biome.  The Amazon rainforest houses a wide variety of animals and plants to study.