April 15, 2022, Lower North

Welcome back from Spring Break!  It was nice to see a little bit of sunshine this past week despite the rain and snow!  Hopefully the warmer weather is approaching sooner rather than later. The children shared some fun-filled family activities.  It was delightful to hear that they enjoyed their time off.

It is hard to believe we only have about two months of school left of the 2021-2022 school year.  These last few weeks are often the busiest weeks of the academic year.  Among the many things happening in the classroom, please keep an eye out for an invitation from your child to Curriculum Night on Thursday, April 21.  Come see the classroom through your child’s eyes.  He/she will show you the work they enjoy most.  A sign up sheet is located right outside our classroom door.

Upon our return, we had a lesson on measurement.  At their introductory lesson, younger students measured with non-standard units and were introduced to the ruler, which has inches and centimeters.  Older students will be working with story problems that have metric and standard measure.  We will also learn and review measurements that include weight and liquid volume.  This is a good time to place their height measurement on your wall if you haven’t already this year!!