April 12, 2024 Lower South

We enjoyed hearing all the exciting stories about break and viewing the Total Eclipse. What an amazing experience that was!!

In the classroom, equally amazing things continue to occur. The students are still working on completing their work plan and challenging their minds.
We have switched History units with the other lower class, so Lower South students are studying Presidents. Specifically the 31st-46th President of the United States. With this unit the students will read a little about each of these Presidents as well as some requirements for running for Presidency.
The Lower North is studying Famous African Americans. This unit allows them to learn about some people from both history and current times that have influenced what we know and do today.
Our math Units have also changed. Lower North will be studying m,measurement, while Lower South will be working with Graphs.
Remember to check the weather every morning for appropriate outside gear;)
Have a great weekend,
Lower Team