April 12, 2019, Toddler

This week we welcomed many special Grandparents to our Toddler Community! Children were very excited to see their grandparents and share them with classmates too! Included in this newsletter are pictures of Journey’s grandparents reading to everyone! Students also made a hand-print keepsake for their Grandparents to treasure! Thank you to all who were able to visit!

Our practical life work includes a variety of movements such as spooning, tonging and grasping. Children have many opportunities through out the classroom to strengthen the fine motor muscles. Clara is pictured painting with cotton swabs; early writing preparation! Every day children choose what practical life work they are interested in. Our “work” is changed and rotated every two weeks; adding an interest and newness!

Sharing this quote from Maria Montessori. “What the hand does the mind remembers.” This is so very fitting for our Toddler Community!