April 12, 2019, EC East


What an exciting week at MSBG as we welcomed so many grandparents and special visitors! The Early Childhood classrooms were a buzz and the children were excited to demonstrate their lessons and share their work. Thank you to all our guests that shared in our special week.
This week the Early Childhood East classroom enjoyed exploring paint using a fork to make an artful tulip design. Focusing on finger grip and hand-eye coordination, the children were able to gently roll the fork on paper creating this fun design. In Practical Life, Food Prep was introduced and the children had the opportunity to spread jam on a cracker. They also used their fine motor skills to place pins in a shaker. Both of these activities rely on patience and hand-eye coordination. The Graphing Unit was added to Math, allowing the children to explore different quantities and their relation. In addition, Color Box 3 was added to our Sensorial area.
The Early Childhood West classroom also introduced Food Prep and the children had the opportunity to spread jam on a cracker. Fabric Matching and Wood Polishing were also added to the practical life shelf. These works allow the children to practice differentiating between patterns and shapes and the patience and fine motor skills of polishing and cleaning delicate wood items. In addition, the Geo Boards were added to practical life; when doing this work the children use their hand muscles to stretch rubber bands to place over pegs allowing geometric designs to be created. Measurement was added to the math shelf; this work is exciting as it allows the children to visually understand the differences in length.