May 12, 2023 EC West

We began the week with our Festival of the Arts! Our students did an excellent job showcasing their musical skills at our program! We also enjoyed being an audience for the other grades’ performances! Our last geography unit was introduced; my universe. The full “my place in the world” was reflected through the nesting boxes. We learned about our solar system, including planets, stars, and the sun. We continued our multi-process practical life work by adding shaving cream on a table! A fun, creative cleaning work incorporating some art and fine motor skills as they draw/write in the shaving cream. We also transferred pins into a salt shaker. Our new science unit was about life cycles! Many life cycles were explored, including sea turtles, frogs, butterflies, and more! Children worked on special Mother’s Day gifts this week, honoring their mother’s love! Happy Mother’s Day to all of you! Kindergartners also enjoyed a field trip to Wintergarden Park for trail hikes, tadpole catching, and nature center fun!