May 13, 2022, Lower North

We hope all our mother’s out there had a nice Mother’s Day this past weekend.  Many of our students shared that they either purchased flowers for their moms or visited a nursery with flowers.

We’ve transitioned from teeth in Science to focusing on Botany.  This time of year is a perfect time for the students to learn about seeds and flowers.  Many of the spring flowers, especially tulips, are perfect specimens to dissect and view the different parts. We are also learning the parts of a seed, what their functions are, and the different types.

In Zoology, we have introduced the Animal Stories.  These are packets of nomenclature that the students will apply what they have learned in Zoology.  The stories cover invertebrates and vertebrates and are written in riddle form.  The students enjoy this work.  It encourages collaboration, research and discovery.

Our newest Math unit is graphing.  Younger students were given lessons on graphs, including the pictograph, bar graph, and the circle graph.  Older students were shown how to plot a coordinate.  Activities on the shelf will allow them to explore this concept further.