January 21, 2022, Lower South

January has been a peaceful month.  The students returned from Winter Break remembering the  routines and working diligently.  They have become very normalized and we are happy to see them working and learning.  Each day they make a plan for the day and get straight to work.  Most will choose a work from each subject of our curriculum daily.

Many students continue to get new lessons in all subjects to keep them challenged and engaged.  This week some new lessons included division with the stamps or the test tubes, subtraction with the bead frame, and multiplication with the stamps.  Some students have moved on with reading comprehension and it is fun to see the thrill they get from their success.  Sentence Analysis or Diagramming a Sentence (the Montessori way) was a lesson given to the some older students.

For a couple weeks, several of our students have been asking about Writer’s Workshop.  We have been working up to our Writer’s Workshop by doing some Writing Mechanics on one of the language shelves.  This week we started Writer’s Workshop!!  Many were thrilled!  Our first unit will have them writing narratives about an actual event that has happened in their life.  As teachers, we look forward to reading these stories.   Write On!!

Have a wonderful weekend,
The Lower Elementary Team