The Montessori School of Bowling Green serves Early Childhood through Middle School aged children. It is operated as an independent, nonprofit institution, governed by a Board of Directors comprised of former school parents, current school parents and community members. The student body is drawn from Bowling Green and the surrounding area. The school recruits and admits students of any race, color or ethnic origin and the student body is representative of the community. The school follows all truth-in-advertising laws.

AMS Accreditation

In April 1999, The Montessori School of BG became the first school in Ohio to be accredited by the American Montessori Society and in 2013, completed its re-accreditation which holds the accreditation until 2020.

An Accredited Montessori School has the following characteristics:

  • It is devoted to a mission
  • It knows itself
  • It keeps its promises
  • It accepts objective evaluation
  • It is recognized
  • It is self-correcting
  • It is student centered
  • It plans its future
  • It enjoys the confidence of the professional community
  • It creates confidence in families
  • It maintains the responsibilities of accreditation




To learn more about the Accreditation process, click here.


Ohio Charter

The Montessori School became chartered by Ohio's State Board of Education as a nonpublic school in July 1991. This does not mean that we are a “Charter School.” Instead, it means that our complete courses of study for all nine curriculum areas (Art, Health, Language Arts, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Reading, Science and Social Studies) meet the requirements, and have been approved by the State of Ohio for grades K-8. These courses of study are revised as needed to remain current. The charter entitles the school to a nominal amount of state funding for the purchase of materials; school age children to free transportation on the city school buses; and the school to participate in various school-related programs in Wood County.

Day Care License

The Montessori School of Bowling Green is legally licensed to operate under the State of Ohio Child Day Care laws. The license and a current inspection report hang outside the school office and the laws and rules are available for your review. The licensing record, including but not limited to compliance forms, health, building and fire department inspections, is available upon request from the Ohio Department of Education. The school is licensed to serve preschoolers and kindergartners at any one time in the early childhood classrooms. It is also licensed to serve preschool, kindergarten and school aged children in the before and after school care programs. The Ohio Department of Education's number is 1 877-644-6338. For further information, see appendix A: Information Required by Ohio Administrative Code.